Our Vision

Battery Mineral Resources Limited aims to be a leading global supplier of battery minerals and metals for the renewable energy storage industry.



Battery Mineral Resources is committed to operating under the highest standards of integrity and honesty and in accordance with the law. We believe that good corporate governance is important to ensure that Battery Mineral Resources is managed for the long-term benefit of our shareholders.

In carrying out its duties, the Board receives recommendations from Battery Mineral Resources four oversight functions: Internal Audit, Risk Management, Compliance, and Finance. They assist the Board by verifying the effectiveness of the controls within the operating units and ensuring that activities, results and risk exposure are reliably reported. To achieve this, the Board of Directors of Battery Mineral Resources maintains several operating committees including the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Governance, and Nominating Committees.

We also have a Code of Business Conduct & Ethics that provides a framework for operating standards and ethics at Battery Mineral Resources that we expect of all our officers, directors, and employees. To protect shareholders and potential investors we have also developed a risk and information security policy that covers all geographical areas of the company.

We believe that our Board of Directors and committees, led by a group of strong and independent directors, provide the necessary leadership, wisdom, and experience that Battery Mineral Resources needs to make good business decisions and to fulfil the responsibilities to our shareholders. To this end, it is the policy of our Board of Directors that the majority of its members be independent.

As governance standards change, and the Company grows, we assess our corporate governance practices and modify them as needed.