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Cobalt Projects in Ontario & Quebec

BMR’s Canadian cobalt exploration program comprises a district scale approach in the Ontario Cobalt Belt of Ontario and western Quebec. The Ontario Cobalt Belt hosted the Cobalt Silver Mining Boom from 1904 to 1924, which comprised more than 100 operating silver cobalt mines at its peak.

The Ontario Cobalt Belt is hosted in one of the most richly endowed mining regions in the world.

The Sudbury Complex, host of the world's largest deposits of nickel, copper, platinum and palladium bounds the Ontario Cobalt Belt to the south and accounts for between 8-10% of global annual nickel production. The Abitibi Greenstone Gold Belt, which has produced more than 180 million ounces of gold, bounds the Ontario Cobalt Belt to the north. The historic Cobalt Silver District within the Ontario Cobalt Belts has produced over 500 million ounces of silver, from narrow vein deposits.

Cobalt minerals were regularly documented by explorers and prospectors in Battery Mineral Resources’ area of focus, but were historically disregarded as mining was focused on silver, gold, nickel or copper. Historical data, however, have allowed Battery Mineral Resources to acquire overlooked projects that host exceptionally high cobalt grades. Miners in the early 1900’s understood that substantial quantities of cobalt minerals occur within many of the high-grade silver veins in the old silver mining camps. Prospectors used cobalt minerals as indicators for base metal deposits during more recent exploration. Many noted extensive pink ‘blooms’ of cobalt oxide (erythrite) coatings on outcrops as an indicator for base metal projects.

BMR is the first company to have taken a comprehensive regional assessment of the Ontario Cobalt Belt, way beyond the historical silver district, and has secured 1,100 km2 of highly prospective cobalt occurrences, prospects, deposits and former cobalt producing mines in Ontario and Quebec. It is also the first company to recognize the potential for new multiple, at-surface and high-grade primary cobalt discoveries in this region.